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Sensidew – A dew of moisture, true oils, and real herbs!

Why Choose

Skin Science

Skin NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) is a key component in the maintenance of skin texture, hydration, and elasticity. At Sensidew, we have developed products using the power of plant extracts, oils, butter, and botanical actives fused with non organic safe & mild modern molecules which are rich in NMF’s like Amino acids, PCA, Organic acids, lactates, etc. to give an overall healthy skin.

Applied Science

The NMF is present within the corneocytes,  these components are highly efficient humectants that attract and bind water from the atmosphere, drawing it into the corneocytes.  The Sensidew’s mode of action is focused on replenishing the skin with NMFs without blocking the skin pores. Hence, it helps to balance the skin NMF which further naturally takes care of skin hydration and elasticity. 


Till now more than 5 lakh people have experienced the effectiveness of Sensidew range of products with 0% irritancy.  Top skin experts recommend Sensidew products as they are mild and safe on skin. All our products are approved by FDA India ensuring the best quality. Sensidew products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. 


My skin is sensitive and tends to get dry specially during extreme heat, but your product has really helped keep the moisture, and reduce the itchiness a lot. Thank you so very much!

… Ms. Archita Chandra …

Grade 1 I True Soap I Rich in Emollients I

Moisturising Soap

Sensidew LS

Rs 230

Fights Germs I Does not dry skin I Long-lasting moisturisation


Rs 180

For the daily shower I No drying I 72 plus hour moisturising effect

Sensidew Acne

Rs 180

Dries out Acne I Balances skin oil I No drying of skin

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