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Sensidew Anti-fungal Scalp/Skin Combo

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Sensidew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Scalp Type: Oily, Flaky, and Itchy
Symptoms: Dandruff
Age: 10 years and above
Gender: Unisex
Wash per person: One month (Depending on the length of the hair)
Qty: 100 ml
Tip: Wash the scalp twice a week. While washing massage the scalp and leave it for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Sensidew Kz Soap

Skin type: Fungal-prone skin or scalp
Symptoms: Flaky, Itchy, Irritation, Redness, and Swelling on skin and Dandruff
Age: 5 years and above
Gender: Unisex
Wash per person: One month and above (Depending on the size of the body)
Face/Body – For both
Qty: 75gm
Tip: Apply antifungal cream or powder after showering or as directed by a physician


Sensidew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

  • Gives a tough fight against dandruff
  • Cleanses scalp mildly
  • Keeps scalp clean & healthy
  • Strengthens hair shaft
  • Safe for colored & dyed hair
  • Free from Silicone, Paraben, SLS, and Mineral oil

Sensidew Kz Soap

  • pH balanced
  • helps in healing fungal skin disorder
  • unlike other soaps does not leave your skin dry
  • prevents itching and peeling of the skin
  • Non allergic & Non irritant formula


Sensidew Anti-Dandruff shampoo is crafted with a double dose of ingredients that will keep the scalp free from dandruff and flaking. It contains 2% ketoconazole (Anti-fungal agent) that acts on fungal cytochrome, interferes with the cell wall synthesis of fungi, and inhibits the growth of the fungi. It also contains 1% ZPTO (Anti-seborrheic Agent) that inhibits the synthesis of proteins required for the growth of fungi.

Sensidew Kz is formulated with a minimum dosage of ketoconazole gives a tough fight against fungal growth. Lactate helps in boosting the natural moisturising factor which in turn keeps skin hydrated for longer hours. Coconut oil prevents relapse of the infection hence reducing the chances of getting skin-related complications again.

How to use

Sensidew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

  • Step 1- Wet your scalp and hair
  • Step 2 – Form lather and apply on hair and massage
  • Step 3 – Leave for 5 min & rinse thoroughly
  • Step 4 – Pat dry with a clean towel

Sensidew Kz Soap

  • Step 1- Wet your body and face
  • Step 2 – Form lather and apply it on the body
  • Step 3 – Rinse thoroughly
  • Step 4 – Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Tip – Apply anti-fungal gel/oil-based moisturizer on the body after using Sensidew KZ soap for the best result.


Sensidew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is exclusively crafted for scalps having issues related to dandruff, flaking & itching. It cleanses your scalp gently leaving your tresses untangled and silky. The advanced formula of  Sensidew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains tried and tested ingredients - ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione which together makes wonder in terms of treating dandruff & other scalp-related issues. It helps in reducing itching & irritation too.

Mostly the medicated soap leaves your skin dry and rough. Sensidew KZ is an anti-fungal moisturizing soap that not only treats your skin issues but gives you smooth skin texture. The unique recipe of this soap makes it different from other soaps available in the market. It contains just 1% ketoconazole still gives the desired result in prohibiting fungal growth. Use Sensidew Kz soap to get rid of itch, redness, patchy skin, and even dandruff.


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