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Sensidew Baby Shampoo

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Skin type: Dry, Tender, and Normal Scalp/Hair
Symptoms: Cradle cap, Dandruff, Scanty hair, Rough hair & for regular hair wash
Age: Newly born to 10 years
Gender: Unisex
Wash per person: Two and a half months and above (Depending on the size of the body)
Qty: 200 ml
Tip: Apply virgin Olive, Coconut, or Sesame oil before bathing.


  • Improves scalp health
  • Strengthens hair shaft
  • Seals moisture in hair follicle
  • Softens hair strands
  • Prevents hair strands
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Soothe itch & reduce redness
  • Ensure the growth of robust, dense & silky tresses


Baby scalp is quiet sensitive than ours and so they are susceptible to get harmed from chemicals. We have designed & developed Sensidew Baby Shampoo accordingly that would be gentle and harmless on the tender & soft scalp. 

To protect scalp it contains shea butter that eases cradle cap & conditions little ones hair.

It is packed with vit C, vit B & monounsturated fats like oliec acid & behenic acid that comes from Moringa oil. It promotes smooth, shiny & healthy hair.

It contains calendula extract which is blessed with several B vitamins, vital minerals & antioxidants that faster the growth of thick hair. 



How to use

  • Step 1- Wet kids scalp & hair
  • Step 2 – Form lather and apply it
  • Step 3 – Rinse thoroughly
  • Step 4 – Pat dry with clean towel
  • Tip – Apply hair oil & leave it for 2 hours, before using Sensidew Baby Shampoo for the best result.

This shampoo is rich in oils, butter, and natural ingredients that promote healthy growth of hair & healthy scalp too. It is also loaded with vitamins, amino acids & minerals that boost & accelerate the growth of scanty hair. It is free from harsh chemicals like paraben, silicone, mineral oil, & SLS.


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