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Family Care Combo – Hair/Skin

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Skin type of adult/Kid: Dry, Normal & Sensitive skin Scalp type: Dry, Oily or Normal scalp

Symptoms: In case of skin scratching, itching, redness, wrinkles, premature aging & rough skin.

In case of scalp hair fall, dandruff, dry, dull, damaged, split ends or frizzy hair

Age: Sensidew baby for newborn till 10 year / Sensidew Moisturising soap for 5 year and above/ Shampoo for 10 years and above

Gender: Unisex

Wash per person: One month and above (Depending on the size of the body) Face/Body/Scalp/Hair

Qty: 75gm soap / 200 ml shampoo

Benefits of Soap

  • Replenishes the lost moisture during cleansing
  • Nourishes & heals cracked skin
  • Provides long-lasting moisturising effect for 70 plus hours
  • Protects skin from U.V. radiation
  • Non allergic & Non irritant formula

Benefits of Shampoo

  • Rebalances scalp microflora
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Conditions dry and dull hair
  • Nourishes scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Maintains moisture in the hair
  • Free from Silicone, Paraben, SLS, and Mineral oil


Sensidew Moisturising Soap is packed with moisturising and nourishing elements & minimal fillers.

Augmented with kokum butter, Olive oil and herb Aloevera leaves your skin soft.

Enriched with glycerine gives your skin long lasting moisturisation.

Sensidew Baby soap has been articulated in a delicate manner keeping tiny baby’s tender skin in mind.

To protect skin it contains turmeric oil which is a well-known herb that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property.

Sensidew baby is enriched with Almond oil and other ingredients that nourishes skin deeply.

It also, contains butters and milk proteins that moisturises the skin.

Sensidew Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo is a result of rigorous research hence it assures that it would solve hair and scalp related issue.

Rosebay extract reduces sebum production thus keeps the scalp fresh for longer period of time.

Enriched with a well-known herb brahmi that nourishes scalp and stimulates hair growth.

It contains glycerine that locks moisture and gives you tangle free hair.

How to use Soap

  • Step 1- Wet your scalp and hair
  • Step 2 – Form lather and apply on hair and massage
  • Step 3 – Rinse thoroughly
  • Step 4 – Pat dry with clean towel
  • Tip – Oil and massage your scalp 2 hours before shampooingApply anti-fungal gel/oil based moisturizer on body after using Sensidew KZ soap for the best result.

How to use Shampoo

  • Step 1- Wet your scalp and hair
  • Step 2 – Form lather and apply on hair and massage
  • Step 3 – Rinse thoroughly
  • Step 4 – Pat dry with clean towel

The skin and hair care combo is perfect for a family with dry skin / scalp issue. It can be used for your daily routine which will keep skin/scalp healthy without any further damage.


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